While there is no one ringing definition of wellbeing, it is universally recognized as the ultimate measure of good mental and physical health and satisfaction with one’s health and one’s community. Experts recognize that when wellbeing improvement programs are implemented correctly in a community, a workplace or even an entire country, the results are staggering.

Breakthrough opportunity to support global effort to
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Lower National Debt
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve health outcomes
  • Build community resilience

Today more than ever all developed and developing nations face similar challenges of aging populations, rising health care costs, rising prevalence of chronic disease and unrealistic public expectations. These factors can be address through a holistic approach to health what we call wellbeing. WWW serves as global catalyst bringing together and advancing the many disparate initiatives focused on measuring and understanding what influences individual health. We will harness existing knowledge and create a global movement advancing wellbeing in the workplace, communities and across countries.

Our work includes transformative components. It is critical to us that we go beyond reporting on the status of health, rather provide organizations and governments the tools and experience necessary to enable measurable improvements in health, wellness and wellbeing.

We intend to create a movement, just as the conservation community created with the 'green movement'.

Think of other successful movements such the global tobacco cessation campaign—which is now a global initiative. Within the USA no one can ignore the success for the campaigns for seat belts for auto safety and the strong grassroots campaigns for drunk driving, which involved law enforcement at state local and national, public health, and all combined to drive this initiative.


We began with a mission to improve the nation and the world’s wellbeing. Strategic partners were invited in time, including multinational corporations, such as Dow and Walmart, University facility, leading public health experts and global health organizations. Even the world’s leading polling organization, Gallup, stepped forward to begin the initial planning and to add metric muscle to the endeavor.

Now, we are poised to expand.

We are at a crossroads. We have identified challenges and opportunities that could put wellbeing on the global stage. For us to go forward, we need the expertise, guidance and resources of both the private and the public sectors to achieve our goal. We want to start with a critical mass of like minded thought leading organizations and individuals.

Working with you we will develop a strategic plan, identify current metrics that align with shared objectives to advance wellbeing, work with counsel to determine the optimal business structure for our initiative, further refine our wellbeing story and identify others who should be involved, and further research high impact methods that can help us celebrate communities that demonstrate improvements toward wellbeing.

Through this endeavor we will be able to provide the platform that has been missing to document and measure impact of wellbeing efforts around the world with the goal of identifying groundbreaking success around the world and immediately scaling it to communities in need.


We intend to do this by mirroring a successful formula what will be tailored to the various challenges that we are addressing anywhere in the world with the cultural sensitivities inherent in developing such a program. We recognize that this must be an ongoing program to promote wellbeing and individual choices, and their impact. To date such efforts have been fragmented and without coherence.

We will develop a global story focused on the importance and value of a wellbeing approach to optimal health. We will create and publish a wellbeing compendium of what is globally working and why. We will advance this knowledge through digital media and regional conferences. We will create an offering that attracts and inspires communities to get involved in advancing wellbeing ideals perhaps based on models like LEED® certification and incentive-based efforts like the X Prize. We hope you share our vision and will join a growing voice to find a better way.